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We thought 2021 started off crazy enough when Apple was reportedly set to develop a self-driven electric car by 2024. Now, another tech giant seems to have joined the bandwagon, with reports suggesting it could introduce a range of electric vehicles soon.

Huawei is reportedly in talks with a couple of Chinese manufacturers. One of them is Changan Automobile, a part of the ‘Big Four’ carmakers in China. At one point, Changan was also supposedly ready to enter the Indian market. The other is the Beijing-backed BAIC Group’s BluePark New Energy Technology. 

However, a Huawei spokesperson has dismissed all the reports, saying, “Huawei is not a car manufacturer. However, through ICT (information and communications technology), we aim to be a digital car-oriented and new-added components provider, enabling car OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) to build better vehicles.”

If there’s any truth to the matter, Huawei could launch its EV fleet by 2021, targeting the mass market segment.  

However, nothing is confirmed yet. Even the two Chinese manufacturers are yet to reveal anything. But it is interesting (and only fitting) to see tech giants express their interest in making EVs at a time all bets are on electrification to define the future of automobility.  


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